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Engtal is named one of the Best Workplaces in Chicago™ 2022, ranking #5

Engtal is delighted to be listed as one of this year’s Best Workplaces in Chicago, a prestigious annual list compiled by Great Place to Work and Fortune magazine. Earning a...

Recruiter Life – Q&A with Tess Katula

You've just celebrated three years at Engtal! Congratulations – how has the company changed since those early days? The team has grown so much but still retained a great culture...

Engtal’s Senior Recruitment Consultant, Tess Katula, looks at the tech talent crisis and what that means for candidates

Demand for tech talent has been growing rapidly in recent years as new technologies have emerged. Covid-19 has had many unforeseen impacts on the economy and society, and one of...

How we’re breaking the bias

We're focused on attracting, retaining, developing, and advancing technology and engineering communities by promoting and boldly championing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our hiring strategies for our clients. What we're...

You’re missing out on major tech talent if your hiring strategy isn’t neurodiverse friendly

In honor of Neurodiversity Celebration Week Engtal explored key issues around neurodiversity in the tech and engineering community, aiming to raise awareness, challenge misconceptions, educate employers and create diverse and...

Gender diversity is good for business

Ensuring equal representation of female talent in the workplace can positively affect your entire organization.   Here's why: Increase your talent pool - if you're not attracting a wider candidate...

The Next Generation of Embedded Engineers

The global demand for top talent across the Software and Hardware Engineering professions has grown at a jaw-dropping pace over the past five years, leading to extensive skill shortages in...

Supporting Women of Color to Pursue Careers in Engineering

It's estimated that a staggering one in four women will leave the engineering profession within the first five years of their careers, a rate much higher than their male counterparts....

Female Diversity in Engineering

The gender gap in engineering is still disproportionate. The truth remains that women are still under-represented in engineering and technology fields, but what is more evident is that there are...