How we’re breaking the bias

We’re focused on attracting, retaining, developing, and advancing technology and engineering communities by promoting and boldly championing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our hiring strategies for our clients.

What we’re doing:


To support our clients in breaking the bias and creating diverse hiring teams, we’ve partnered with companies to address their current hiring and attraction policies to determine how we can develop hiring models that promote inclusivity.


We’ve also created a diversity program to coordinate internal and external initiatives to understand, develop, and action a wide range of campaigns and projects to support and connect our communities.


Inclusive workforces benefit everyone, and we’ve been structuring hiring campaigns to go above and beyond hiring quotas for our clients to reach diverse talent pools.

For Engtal – this is just the beginning.

We see our diversity strategies as an ongoing plan; we’ll continue to assess, align and develop diverse hiring programs to aid our communities.

In reality, adapting your recruitment to be more diverse and inclusive is not only necessary, but it’s also essential.

D&I gives employers a competitive edge – it creates an incredibly focused and robust workforce.

An inclusive culture begins with recruitment – attract diverse talent and reduce bias in your recruitment process at every stage by connecting with the very best talent in your industry with the help of our team – email: [email protected].