Top 5 Software Development skills needed in Wellness Tech

With the global wellness market reaching an annual growth rate of 5-10%, the demand for talent to support applications is increasing.

When looking to recruit the right talent to supercharge your Wellness Tech performance, market insights have identified the following skills as must-haves for 2022 and beyond:

1. Programming Languages

The foundation of a seamless wellness application is the code behind it, to create a sustainable application across multiple devices, an in-depth knowledge of at least two of the following programming languages is recommended:

  • JavaScript
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • R
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java

2. Source Control Management (SCM)

A source control management system (SCM) allows developers to monitor and revise code utilized for an application. The software will enable developers to store varying versions of their code in one place with the added capability of rollbacks if the original version is required.

3. Cloud Computing

Developing applications within a cloud platform is now standard procedure – hiring a developer with experience of leveraging cloud computing platforms can provide a real competitive advantage. Platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc. offer a reliable platform to develop code, test applications, and securely store user data.

Choosing to develop your software/application within a cloud platform means you benefit from the following:

  • Deploy software quickly and enjoy high-speed operations
  • Automatic updating, syncing, and integration with software and DevOps tools
  • Seamlessly secure, backup and restore data
  • Increased uptime backed by SLAs and support

4. Algorithms and data structures

When developing wellness applications and software, developers need to use different algorithms and data structures to optimize the code. These combinations can provide solutions to common problems in detail and insight into how efficient the code is.

5. UX/UI

User Experience (UX) is your competitive advantage – having the right person in place to create a compelling user experience will directly impact your users’ satisfaction and directly impact your app’s success.

A strategized and well-executed User Experience provides clear direction in your app and an effortless way of finding information and achieving goals.

Finding the right talent 

How users experience your application/software is everything. It’s crucial to have the right talent to maximize UX. But in such a competitive market, it isn’t to find the right people to make an impact on your organization’s mission.

Meet the solution: Engtal

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