Recruiter Life – Q&A with Tess Katula

You’ve just celebrated three years at Engtal!

Congratulations – how has the company changed since those early days?

The team has grown so much but still retained a great culture which can be difficult for a growing company. Still, because we hire on principles and values, I think we’ve achieved a collaborative team of individuals with a shared vision to make Engtal a success. Everyone is lovely and so hardworking!

Since joining Engtal the company has transitioned and added new divisions, created robust training program progression structures, added management tiers, opened multiple offices, and won numerous awards. We also have team members who have moved across from the UK to live work in the USA.


What does a typical day look like at Engtal for you? 

I typically get to my desk by around 8.30, grab a coffee, answer my emails, and respond to LinkedIn chats from the evening before. I always start the day by reviewing my to-do list. I then map out interviews, candidate prep, subs, and then catch up with my manager Kait to run through the pipeline for the week!

I’ll focus on 2/3 roles that morning at lunch, and I make sure to get some fresh air and grab a bite. In the afternoon, I’ll focus on business development. Once my workday is done, I prioritize self-care, so catching up with friends, hobbies or seeing my family is always a priority.


Engtal prides itself on building tech businesses that directly improve people’s lives. Tell us more…

We work with some of the top tech companies that are changing the world while improving the lives of millions worldwide. It’s incredible.

For example, one of my top clients is fighting cancer by personalizing medical decision-making through artificial intelligence.

I’m so proud to work with clients at the forefront of societal change, and the people I speak to every day are at the pinnacle of technological innovation. I help people access careers that enhance their lives and others.


Your role with Engtal requires you to take a hands-on approach within the start-ups and organizations you’re helping to grow. How do you spin so many plates so effectively?

We have a solid team, and I get a ton of support that helps me in a very fast-paced role; Kait, my manager, is on top of everything; even with her commitments, she still allocates her time and resources to support help me when required. Time management and organization are critical skills necessary for recruitment, and I pride myself on this. Still, it’s also essential to assess priorities and understand what’s crucial that day.


What is the most rewarding aspect of your role? 

One of the biggest highlights for me is helping clients find the talent they need, and when a candidate you’ve worked with accepts a new role that could be life-changing for them- it’s such a satisfying feeling.


And the most challenging? 

Recruitment can be a challenging game right now. The market is candidate-driven, and there are a lot of companies hiring for the same talent in a small pool – this means that sometimes, offers don’t work out, and that’s the flipside… you’ve got to try and keep your momentum, be self-driven and motivated to keep going. Don’t let the losses get the better of you, and start fresh with a positive mindset.


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of pursuing a career in Engtal? 

I would say go for it! I have worked here my entire adult career, and I feel grateful. Come with an open mind to meet some great people. We’re a hardworking bunch but honestly have a lot of fun on the way. We do some great incentives here…vegas anyone?


Talk us through your career highlights?

My first career highlight came my first year when I won rookie of the year. That felt great, and I was straight out of college, and as a small company, in the beginning, I helped to bring in a lot of revenue – I onboarded clients, went to California on business trips and enjoyed numerous incentives.

During Covid, I lost a little direction, and I needed to pull myself out of a slump, I refocused myself. With the team’s support, I generated multiples of revenue, I have several new clients, I’m going above and beyond targets and earning a very enjoyable salary!

Another aspect of my role that I love is supporting the wider team with the health and wellness program I created; we’ve since run several charity events, wellbeing seminars, and health pilots, including a very competitive steps competition!


What would you like to achieve in the next three years?

  • To be one of the top billers in the company
  • Progress to a management role
  • Expand Engtal’s charity program