What to do if you can no longer attend an interview

Searching for a new job is time-consuming. You’ve dedicated the time to perfect your resume, scoured the internet for the perfect opportunity, and brushed up on your interview skills. Your hard work has paid off, and you’ve been invited to multiple interviews. It’s an exciting¬† (but slightly overwhelming) time.

Your calendar is full of interviews, but you still have to juggle your current work, family, and social commitments – it’s not uncommon to find yourself changing your mind or having to reschedule when something crops up.

If you find yourself in this situation – it’s important to act professionally and cordially. You don’t want to burn any bridges as you may need to work with the Recruiter on another opportunity in the future. Plus, your professional reputation could take a hit if you fail to act favorably to employers.

What to do if you want to reschedule:

Sometimes unexpected events happen in life. Whether you’re sick, your car breaks down or a family emergency arises, there could be a valid reason why you need to reschedule an interview at the last minute. Recruiters and hiring managers are human too – they get it and will appreciate your honesty if you’re upfront and open.

If you do find yourself needing to reschedule, we’d recommend the following:

Give as much notice as possible

If you want to reschedule your interview, you must let the Recruiter know as soon as possible.

Call the Recruiter instead of emailing or texting: An email or text can go under the radar during a busy day, whereas a phone call is more immediate and urgent – allowing the Recruiter to inform the Employer as soon as possible.

Be as flexible as possible

Have alternative dates and times ready to pass onto the Recruiter during the phone call – this will show you are still genuinely interested in the role and that you are keen to accommodate the Employer’s needs.

What to do if you don’t want to reschedule:

The excitement of getting an invite to a job interview can sometimes cause us to act without thoroughly thinking if the role is right for us in the long-run. It’s common to reflect further on the role and decide you no longer want to attend the interview – or you might’ve accepted another job in the meantime. Transparency is key here – let the Recruiter know with plenty of notice. Remaining professional and courteous means, you’ll keep the door open if you restart your job search in the future.

Discuss your concerns with the Recruiter

If you haven’t accepted another job:

We’d recommend keeping an open mind and attending the interview even if you have some doubts. You can use this opportunity to confirm if this company is right or not for you. Your initial thoughts and opinions on the role may quickly change once you have a chat with the Employer directly. If you still decide the position is not for you following the interview, let the Recruiter know and they will work with you to identify what it is you’re looking for in your next role.

If you have accepted another job:

If you’ve been offered a job at another company, it’s still a good idea to give as much notice as possible. Recruiters and employers will understand that circumstances change and will appreciate that you’re not wasting their time. As mentioned previously, you never know if your paths will cross in the future with either the Recruiter or Employer.

Word spreads

Whatever your reasons for deciding to cancel or reschedule an interview – remember to always be professional and considerate to the people interviewing you. Transparency is key throughout any hiring process and will ensure your professional reputation remains in good shape.

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