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Hire Talent

We empower trading and investment companies to perform at their very best; our expert trading recruitment team will connect you to ambitious, high-performing traders who will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your team - helping you generate portfolio growth for your clients and, ultimately, your business growth.

Get Talent

Let us know your ambitions, the type of company you want to be part of, the values that matter to you, and what you want from your career, and we'll connect you to companies that share your vision. With strong client relationships, our team of recruiters represents companies hiring for the most brilliant of trading minds with vacancies in both technical and non-technical occupations.

Kait Krause goes the extra mile to ensure that they understand our unique requirements, and the candidates they've introduced to us have consistently exceeded our expectations. We're impressed with the level of commitment and expertise Kait Krause brings to the table. We highly recommend their recruitment services to any trading company seeking top talent."

Trading Client

"We couldn't be happier with the recruitment services provided by Kait Krause. Their expertise in the trading industry is evident in the high-quality candidates they've brought to our team. Kait's dedication and attention to detail in understanding our specific needs have resulted in a seamless and successful hiring process."

Trading Company
Chicago / New York 

"Recruiting for our trading team was becoming a challenging task until we discovered Kait Krause. Their expertise in the financial markets and trading industry is impressive. They've helped us find and onboard some of the most talented traders and analysts we've ever had. Kait Krause takes the time to understand our specific needs and consistently delivers candidates who are not only qualified but also enthusiastic about our company's mission."

ACME Trading Co
VP of Trading 

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Our partnership approach.

We'll partner with you to ensure hiring requirements and creating and nurturing client relationships matter most to us - our transparent and collaborative approach to recruitment means you benefit from expert guidance when attracting top trading talent.

Our collaborative and collegial approach benefits your short, and long-term recruitment requirements through shared ideas, understanding, and talent insight - we're committed to elevating your team with our expertise that will deliver impactful results.

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Innovation that fuels your hiring strategy.

We're continually investing in cutting-edge technology tools, setting the bar high for excellence in recruitment and powering our success within the trading recruitment space.

 Access to our exclusive talent network.

We're a long-term trading recruitment partner, introducing you to the best talent in the marketplace.

Once you tell us your ideal candidate, we'll begin our search matching your exact specifications and begin introductions - delivering seamless hiring - every time.

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We're market specialists.

Our trading recruitment team work exclusively within your industry, ensuring complete focus, understanding and a comprehensive knowledge of your markets enabling Engtal to deliver on our promise of premium trading talent.

Meet your expert.

Kait Krause-Todd is a seasoned professional recruiter who has made a significant impact in the trading industry through her unparalleled skills in talent acquisition.


An award-winning recruiter, recognised for her commitment, dedication and client success.


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Gain access to a vast network of trading experts, revolutionizing the industry. Our team will help you hire the best talent with bespoke recruitment strategies designed to match your specific needs, ensuring a seamless fit with your team and objectives - our connections are your competitive advantage.

Our candidate services extend beyond putting you in front of vacancies - our team offers compensation benchmarking, market insight, interview preparation, and negotiation support; we want to be there for you every step of the way and post-hire, too.