The movement to advocate for more women in STEM is on

It’s integral to the workforce ecosystem that women and minority communities are supported to thrive in STEM-related careers, influencing the next generation of female STEM talent.  

Yet, women are still underrepresented. 

A recent report from the Society of Women Engineers 2022 stated that women represented about 34% of all STEM workers, the majority working within the biological science industry. The report also said that women in engineering were still at an all-time low.  

Many scholars and experts have discussed the factors concerning the talent gap and gender inequality in STEM. One of the most prominent issues is the lack of female representation in the workforce. 

“You can’t be what you can’t see” is a typical quote that signifies representation’s importance.  

Influencing, inspiring, and educating young females to consider STEM subjects and career pathways starts at an early age; exposing young minds to the opportunities on offer in STEM is vital.  

While the population of women in STEM is already underrepresented, the number of BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) women in STEM is an increasing cause for concern. 

A survey from the STEM Women organizations revealed that BAME workers only make up 12% of the workforce. 

Diversity is the key to success in eliminating the gender gap and skills shortage.  

Lack of diversity, representation, and visibility keep younger women from entering the STEM industry. They need a sense of belonging, acceptance, and a positive influence that can increase their confidence to picture themselves as part of the STEM community.  

Traditionally STEM careers were viewed as a “male-only” territory, but even with so many advocates for females to choose STEM, the numbers still don’t add up.  

Cultivating a collaborative workforce and the communities that support the next generation of female STEM talent to enter career paths in the industry – has never been more critical. 

 By ensuring that the STEM industry is enriched with the very best minds – male and female to empower innovation, advancements, and the inventions and discoveries that will change our world for the better.