Engtal CEO launches foundation to address diversity in tech

Diversify the Future aims to shape the future of STEM by supporting access to education for under-represented communities in Chicago.


The newly launched foundation, Diversify the Future, was founded with the goal of empowering the next generation of talent in tech and wider STEM industries, by providing scholarships to enable access to STEM education.

Diversity in tech has long been a major issue, with women making up less than 25% of the workforce and Black Americans in just 7% of tech roles, amongst a number of other under-represented groups. Two-thirds of tech leaders believe there is not enough diversity in tech.

However, access to education is a huge barrier for many groups, with under-representation at college degree level. Diversify the Future aims to address the issue of diversity by empowering talent to excel in STEM careers, inspiring the next generation of brilliant minds, and allowing employers to access an enriched talent pool.

The innovative scholarship program has been designed to provide pathways for individuals from under-represented or disadvantaged backgrounds to access STEM-specific college scholarships. The scholarships are open to Chicago-based residents attending any college or university in the US.

Diversify the Future is funded by Engtal, one of the leading technology recruitment firms in the US. For every under-represented candidate they place, Engtal will donate at least $1,000 to the scholarship fund.

Founder and Director, Christopher Atiyah said, ‘The vast majority of companies want diverse talent. The challenge is that they’re all competing for the same small percentage of the market.
Diversify the Future aims to support the diverse population in STEM, but more importantly, increase the number of diverse candidates entering STEM.’

For more information about Diversify the Future visit www.diversifythefuture.com