Guide to Holiday Hiring

While it may feel like business begins to wind down during holiday season, with the end of the year and vacation time, it’s actually a fantastic time to get a head start on your hiring.

There’s many benefits to hiring before the end of the year like less competition for candidates than in January and it means new staff can hit the ground running in the new year.

So how can you make your holiday hiring a success?


Build in flexibility

Candidates may have holiday plans, vacation time booked in or be working remotely while visiting family. Be flexible with arrangements for interviews to accommodate these plans and give potential new employees the best impression.


Showcase your culture

There’s usually lots going on socially during the holiday season making it a great opportunity to showcase your workplace culture. It’s a great time to get new employees integrated into company culture by getting them involved in events.


Make a plan for onboarding

The holiday season is usually a great time for training as it tends to be a bit quieter, and allows everyone to get up to speed for the new year. However, with other employees taking vacation and wrapping up their work, it’s important to make sure there is a plan for onboarding.


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