Female Diversity in Engineering

The gender gap in engineering is still disproportionate.

The truth remains that women are still under-represented in engineering and technology fields, but what is more evident is that there are even fewer female engineers from black or ethnic minority backgrounds.

Diversity is still a huge topic in the engineering industry. Although it’s not a new conversation that engineering professions need to diversify – the need to drive awareness and overcome the barriers within the engineering industry is critical to ensure women from all backgrounds have equal access to careers information.

There need to be more women to act as champions and mentors to younger women, to inspire and educate women to embark upon a career in engineering – informing a generation that believes they can have a fantastic occupation within the industry.

Ultimately – diversity is key to talent sustainability, so what can be done to encourage a richer outreach and engagement within BAME communities and with women overall?

  • Raise the profile of female engineering leaders to inspire and educate other women
  • Developing STEM outreach programs designed to inspire females
  • Foster talent and diversity advocacy across the engineering industry
  • Employee education to encourage female BAME applications

At Engtal, we want to deepen our partnerships within the engineering community and cultivate effective strategic alliances with wider stakeholders to lead from the front and be a champion for women across the engineering industries – it’s why we’ve created this group to share best practices and knowledge from our female engineering community.

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