When I first started in Recruitment back in January 2010, I read an article that stated the most common point of frustration candidates had with recruiters (by a considerable margin) was lack of resume / interview feedback.

After scrolling through my newsfeed this morning it’s sad to see how prevalent this issue remains, 8 years down the road. I saw no less than 3 articles sighting this annoyance and it compelled me appeal to my network. Read my wife’s story and make the recruitment world a better place. Solve an age-old frustration and help yourself stand out against those who give us a bad name.

It’ll fix a huge problem with the industry. It takes two seconds. It’s common decency….

I experienced this first hand (well second hand to be precise) when my wife was searching for a new position earlier this year. She’s a highly qualified Attorney in Chicago and secured an in-person interview at a reputable logistics firm out in the suburbs.

The lengths she went through to attend this interview were considerable:

  • Firstly they wanted her to meet the following day. She was employed at the time and juggling a lawyer’s schedule with limited vacation time is a challenge
  • She had to leave work early to get changed as dressing in interview-attire at work would have been suspicious
  • She then had to rent a car, at the cost of $100 + $20 gas, and make the drive out to the burbs (one hour against traffic)
  • The interview itself lasted 90 and this was followed by 90 commute back into the city
  • She returned the rental car, and got a taxi back to our apartment ($10), returning to her loving husband at 9pm

Total investment = $130 + 1 half vacation day + 6 hours of time.

At the conclusion of the interview she was told by the companies Legal Council that the interview had gone well and she could expect feedback in the coming 24 hours. Alas, that was not the case…

Despite two follow up emails, a LinkedIn message and a voicemail, it was radio silence from said Logistics firm (my wife has banned me from naming & shaming…) For the first time in my life, I started to truly empathize with the plethora of candidate who frequently complained about lack of feedback.

If you were to ask most recruiters why they fail to provide feedback, I’m willing to bet that the answer will be Time: “I have so many applicants, how could I possibly have enough time to craft a feedback email to every person who applied?” Look, I get it. I posted an advert on Indeed last week and received 83 utterly unqualified resumes in the first 60 minutes. We’ve all been there when we’ve posted an advert for a Neurological Scientist, essential criteria being a PhD from an Ivy League School and most of the resumes we’ve received have been Truck Drivers. That being said, it takes one second, less than one second in fact, to hit the “Reject Candidate” button on Indeed. It takes approximately 3 seconds to copy and paste a pre-written message, thanking the candidate for their time and politely explaining they do not have the required experience. It takes roughly 30 seconds to tailor the email to explain why.

Not only is this general politeness and common decent, it will also help your professional brand stand out against a lazy market that values saving a few daily seconds over providing good customer service.

In short – there is commercial value as well as an ethical one to not ghosting your candidates…

Christopher Atiyah

CEO – Engtal, Engineering Talent